Sunday, March 16, 2014


Rhythm, Music, and ZUMBA!!!

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love to dance!! Today with the Friday afternoon class, the group of pre-teen girls...I decided to teach them some ZUMBA dances!! These girls are always so shy, uptight, and self-conscious. Zumba is the perfect thing to loosen them up- and have some fun! There are a lot of people in Guatemala that feel dancing should be prohibited. Today our class was about dance, and how it is an amazing way to express yourself. And that is exactly what dance is for. We talked about how dance can be used in a negative way, such as using dancing to sell your body or get a man. We asked every girl, "Do you like to dance? Why? Do you think it is okay to dance?" Their responses were fascinating. But, coincidently...they all said they liked to dance! So then I concluded the discussion by saying....Well today I am going to teach you three dances! They all screamed and got sooo excited. Honestly, when I planned this, I was expecting maybe three of them to participate, and everyone else to watch. THEY ALL WANTED TO, and did! There were too many of us, we had to dance in two groups! Take a look at this video, it's amazing how positive the feedback was. I felt amazing afterwards. Words cannot describe. They told me I am like their big sister. My heart grew about 10 inches today. 

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