Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Surprise Goodbye

Bittersweet Goodbye Party

After school yesterday, little did I know that Will, Diane and Jackeline had planned a surprise goodbye party for me. With the Tuesday afternoon class. I was busy spending time with my mom, soaking up some sun, and working on my video I really had no idea all the decorating was taking place. It wasn't until right before class, I walked to my room to grab something and I saw the patio all decorated. I was like...hmmm what is going on!?!? 

We start every afternoon class in the chapel singing songs, and praying. Will started the class by saying, "Today is Maren's last day with us (for the Tue class) and we are going to celebrate her today!" We then continued with the usual songs, and I just broke down. Being in the chapel, with the presence of God, the children, the music, AND my mom. I just lost it. I couldn't contain my emotions. I put one of the little girls on my lap and I just held her. Before I knew it, Jackeline was crying, and my mom! It was rather an emotional disaster, but so special. It was a moment I will never forget. It was just a taste of what Friday and Saturday goodbyes will be like. DREADING THIS....

We then went out to the patio and played relay races, obstacle courses, and a piƱata!! It really was special, and SO much fun. The crying stopped right away! My favorite part was the water balloon toss. I was with Jackeline, and first she got me pretty good all over my dress. BUT, then I was able to get her back, the balloon popped right on her face!! She was soaked. Then I played a round with my mom as well. We all got wet, and it was a beautiful warm day. 

We enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake, and remember the tradition? They tried to make me put my face in the cake...but we decided just my nose was sufficient! I am so grateful they all planned this and put in all the work and time to make this day special for me. It was special, and it was so memorable. 

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