Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Special Visitor

My Mom!

I spend my first week here in Guatemala with my dad. Then, about half way through my trip, my best friend was here in Guatemala for a weekend. NOW, my mother is here to spend my last week with me. I couldn't be more grateful to have the opportunity to actually share my trip with three people I love more than anything. This way when I tell stories and they see pictures, it all will be so clear and make sense to them. They are able to actually put themselves into my shoes and understand better everything that I experienced. My dad and Jessie are both very mom on the other a little more reserved! This will be an eye opening experience for her! Just like it has been for me as well!

Except now that I am comfortable, I can be like a tour guide!! 

When my dad was here, it was my very first week. I cried to see him leave, and I was scared and timid all week. Also, school hadn't started yet, so my dad didn't experience the children and my teaching. Now that is is the end of my journey, this place is my home. I am so comfortable, I know my way around, and I am proud to show off the beauty of the country and the people. I have so many fun things planned for us this week, it is going to fly by! I am going to make her do things that are right up her alley, but also push her to try new things and things that are a little uncomfortable at first. For example, I will be making her ride in the back of a Mayan Taxi, also known as a pick up truck stuffed with mayans standing in the back! 

I have to keep in mind how I felt at the beginning of my trip. And I remember like it was yesterday. I need to be patient with her, and ease her into the culture. I will also have to do a lot of translating since she does not speak any Spanish! 

Over the past 4-5 years my mom and I have gotten a lot closer. Apparently that is common when you go to college? I am certain that this trip is only going to strengthen our bond, just like it did with my dad and I. 

Well, I said I was going to ease my mom into the culture...but we only have one week together here! So, her first day here...she went in the Mayan Taxi! And I am so proud of her. She did awesome! The hardest part for her was just getting on and off! She was waving to people, and she agrees with is the best way to soak up the culture and enjoy the views! We took the taxi to a nearby town called San Lucas. There isn't much in San Lucas, but we wanted an adventure after school. Its about a 20-30 min ride there, and then we walked around and enjoyed the town. We went to a restaurant and shared a mini pizza, and then we got coconut ice cream...mmm super healthy I know!

I am so proud of everything I have accomplished over the past 3 months, and I am so proud of my students. They truly are inspiring. As my goodbye is getting closer, I am dreading it more and more. I am feeling very torn. Part of me is SO excited to get home to my family and friends, but part of my is SO sad to leave Opal House. I feel like I am so ready to come home, but after two weeks or so at home, I am going to want to come right back! I had my last two classes of English Monday and Tuesday. It was such an honor to share my class with my mom. And, my students are so proud of themselves. They know what they have accomplished. They should be proud, they really have come so far. It is beautiful to watch the growth of children, more than just academic growth. These children are only 3-6 yrs old but they are so mature, and responsible. 

Today we went walking around with my mom and the students. They were holding her hand, and trying to talk to her. It was so cute! These students love every and anyone. They are just the caring and loving people I have ever known. My mom got to really get a good look at the farm, and explore the beauty. Although it is quite a hike down and back up, she made it!

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