Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday in Antigua

Got up early (whew...6 a.m. we were out the door) and headed to our first Easter celebration in Antigua! Here's a pic of our missionary friends, Matt and Molly and our Guatemalan kids and our first family (Veronica, Michelle and Rudi). We were amazed at the artwork of the alfombras (carpets of colored sawdust) and the amount of time and effort to construct each one. It truly is a labor of love. The main procession was HUGE! The platform was like one enormous flat casket. The men's faces wore the pain they must have experienced carrying it around the streets of Antigua. The first parade was about 3 hours long. We spent our time watching the floats, the children collected the little adornments that were within the alfombras (so did Will!) He actually collected some of the flowers left behind. For the family and kids this was their first time in their own old capital. They hardly ever get out of the rural area they live in. They couldn't sleep the night before because they thought they would sleep in and we would leave them :(.....We had a wonderful time, despite the heat and crowds....

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