Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coffee and Cookie Time

After a little time of hesitation, with fear and trembling I invited the mothers of the children that I teach to our home for an introduction that is somewhat late considering that I started the class last year. I say with 'fear and trembling' because I am not one to just be spontaneous. I need to know from Will when he wants to be 'spontaneous' ahead of time, so that I can be ready. I go over the scenarios in my head until they feel comfortable then I do it. Crazy, I know, yet there have to be others like me out there, right?? Anyway, twelve moms showed up and 20 small children with them. Thank you Lord, that Molly was with me. I would have drowned in a sea of chaos. I introduced myself, our mission, our desire to help strengthen their children's faith. The mothers seemed to be very open and some were just smiling and were very encouraging to me. I explained that I also wanted to have an after-school program for the little kids to give them a headstart with learning to read and write. What great timing....right in the middle of my explanation one of the mom's interrupted the meeting saying that they needed to leave shortly because they all needed to attend a government mandated class that teaches these mothers to read and write their own names! I couldn't believe it. So, next week I will begin by the grace of God. Before the mother's left we served them cookies (luckily I overbake) and what we consider very weak coffee with LOTS of sugar. They thought it was yummy. Then we continued our class with the kids, haphazardly.....Stepping outside of my comfort zone is always a challenge for me. I hate the fact that I have to ruminate over ever detail in my head before I do anything. It's the curse of living my life up in my head. I'm learning to live in the present and out of my heart. Takes time.....

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