Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"I Have Consecrated this house, says the Lord"

Today we broke ground on our new chapel! Amazing, definitely NOT coincidence, but all of today's scripture readings were about temples. Ezekiel 47; 1 Corinthians 3; John 2:13-22! We all felt a sense of wonder now that the chapel has begun. This morning we gathered with our crew and spanish teacher (who are becoming more like family) and prayed for the dedication of this chapel. I suspect this is the first time for some of them to begin their workday praying with their work team.
This has been on Will's heart for some time. I have definitely felt the need for a quiet place of reflection and being alone with God. The vista is incredible, it will be as if we are suspended over the lake! We hope to have a more monastic - type chapel, much like we experience at the beautiful 500 yr. old monastery-turned hotel in the old Guatemalan capital, Antigua. My hope is to bring my children from my kid's club into this sacred space to learn to be present to one another and God in a more worshipful atmosphere. Praying and singing in spanish is next on my list.....if I can just speak, period.

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