Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Puppet Show !

Today we had the children's club and I can't tell you how much I love it, and I know that I'm in my element. Glen made us a puppet stage and the kids have made puppets with these huge wooden spoons that I found in the local market. Today they made clothes for them and some of the girl's puppets look like little Mayan women with wild hair and eyes (probably a little ladina thrown in ! I told them the parable of the sower. I wish you could see the 'puppets' and props I used. It took some imagination to figure some of this stuff out, but I had so much fun. Then the kids went outside with chalk and made pictures re-telling the Parable of the sower and his seed. I plan on staying on this parable for a few more weeks. I'm not going to rush through these stories. Afterwards, we made homemade s'mores!!!!! I made some round little cookies, and had some chocolates that were also round. We gathered around our copper fire pit and roasted those marshmellows ....The looks on all of their faces as we put these sandwiches together! All of this is new to them and they are having a blast! They just hug us and I can see that God is weaving our hearts together. So I thank you for your prayers. Somewhere in my heart I have a little seed of a dream to have a little 'esquelita'. (A little school). I already have the place picked out. But I will try not to run ahead of God........

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