Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"God is Driving Me Out of My Mind!"

I read this in one of books that was recently given to me and thought 'how appropriate'! I am a muller of thoughts, I am 'up in my head' alot. Plain and simple. And yet that is not where I need to be all the time. That's probably why I am married to a 'heart man'. We really do balance one another.
Well, we have had a wonderful team from Blessed Sacrament in Seattle here for the past 10 days. They are great people and hard workers. Working together is a good test of community. We have been very blessed to have them with us. Glen and Piedad have prepared some great meals for the group and we are also greatful for their hard work. I'm a little concern about the extra bit of fat building around my waist ;) The team helped us finish our workshop with stuccoing the building and painting it a wonderful primary green. It has created a great canvas for the kids and I and others to paint some type of mural. I would love to capture the beauty of nature here. We've had so many butterflies around here and flowers are quite happy in the rainy season. Glen has started the work of a children's playground area, built with the trees around the property. We hope to have a treehouse and jungle gym for the kids that live here and those visiting. Our children's club is doing well. We've had up to 18 children here on one Saturday afternoon. This past week we taught them about David and Goliath and that with God "all things are possible". Gela, one of our team members from Mexico was a riot with the teaching lesson and has brought such enthusiasm and laughter to the kids and adults at Opal House. I have tried to bribe her to stay with us as the official house mother but well, it never works out exactly as you hope! Last night we had Pedro's oldest son's birthday party. Leonso turned 16. Piedad made a big meal of fried chicken (Leonso's favorite) for 20 people. Everyone had a great time and plenty of laughs as Gela guided them in the game of 'gossip' where you try and repeat what has been said to you. You can imagine how that could get crazy with 3 different languages represented around the table. These are the times I enjoy the most. People sharing a good meal and the walls of division coming down. Will and I have had alot of adjustment in our lives and in our marriage as we are learning what it means to be the "Body of Christ" and living in community. But even with some struggles, we still pray and look for God to bring fine wine to His table.........

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