Sunday, November 6, 2011

Los Patojos

Here are a few pictures with the children....did I tell you that I have grown to love them? Every individual personality. They are doing well. School's out for the year and so they are quite happy!We just finished a nine week class on the Fruit of the Spirit. We had a puppet called "Gusanito" - the little worm. The other pictures are of us singing a 'joyful noise' unto the Lord...and I do mean 'NOISE'! We are out of tune and the kids are using our rudimentary instruments, marachas, penny whistles, drums made out of bamboo, tambourine, and eggs that I filled with beans. But I love to hear us bellow out a tune in Spanish! I remember when I had to write out everything and would hardly try and say anything to the children for fear they might respond and I would have to answer with the few sentences I had memorized. Oh the ego of it all. But it has taught me that simplifying our speech can be a good thing. We have a tendency to fill the world with words and less meaning.

This is Anayeli, to the left and Paola to the right of her. Anayeli is Paola's aunt! Anayeli's mother has 14 children! They follow me around like my shadow when they are here. I'm thinking of teaching them how to bake and maybe we might even try a little sewing. I had a great time with them and my friend Alicia. We had the girls over for an afternoon sewing doll clothes by hand. I was amazed how Alicia could whip out a cute little dress with t-shirt material. I'm grateful that I have a girlfriend here. We actually can have a pretty good conversatin though she speaks at the speed of light. I have stopped asking her to slow down, I'm just trying to catch up. I think it's working......


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