Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Rain

Another wet season come and gone and here are the results in no order of importance! Ahhh, to have dry clothes is really a gift. I am not used to living in so much humidity. The cement walls hold the dampness and we end up having to hang not only our laundry but clothes that have been hanging inside the house during this time. My leather jacket was producing some mildew which could have been the next pharmaceutical wonder drug. Another interesting tidbit, wood furniture also likes to produce it's own green carpet if left to itself. I try not to leave the house without checking out the 'scent' of my clothes first.

This last tropical storm did a number on our roads. Potholes here and there and everywhere. But the real problem are the homes lost to the torrential downpour. And, ofcourse,crops lost, especially the corn that is so important to the people here.

Here is Margarita at her finest, just about ready to 'dar la luz' which in Spanish is 'to give light'...I love that expression for giving birth.

She really was a belly dragger for quite some time, swinging that belly back and forth....kinda reminds me of middle age hehehe.....

She gave birth to 5 little kittens, 3 black and white, and one that looks just like her. Twenty four hours later she gave birth to the runt who is black. We adore them all. Now, you'll love this, I thought she had tumors, I was too naive to think that a young cat, whom we just got could go off in the blink of an eye and do the hanky panky. But she did, and THEN the day she gave birth I heard the crying of her first one and thought 'that darn cat has drug another live mouse and is eating it alive!'. Time to read up on cats on wikipedia.

And here she is with the first one.....(the little rat)

8 weeks later..

Negrita" small black one

Now, this bottom picture is not for the faint-hearted. This is something that Izzy, the chicken killing Rottweiller got a hold of one night. She actually punctured the armor of the armadillo. I was horrified, but what can you do when you live on a farm? I think the animals here are re-populating. I heard that a local man used to hunt on this property and sell the meat. Who knows what we will find in the future. If only our dogs would leave them alone. Even seeing squirrels are not usual, at least while I'm walking around. People like to capture them and put them inside a very tiny cage where they just run in circles all day long. I wonder if this is where the idea of a hamster wheel came from ......

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