Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Little Yellow School Bus

With gas being at an all time high we thought why not do what the locals do and so we acquired a tuk-tuk. We were able to sell a van that some wonderful people in the states donated. Tuk-tuks are used in most majority world countries. They are in India and Vietnam. They're just little scooters. But this one is much bigger than the others around here. A local mission helped us to get it. We can coast down to the end of town and though it can only go up to 10-25 rpm's uphill, it's going to save us on gas money.

This is Will giving it a test ride in Panajachel. It's rather loud, but it's diesel and that costs less here. The kid's love it! The locals, well, some just smile, the guys wave (they don't see women driving tuk-tuks around). Some people wave us down for rides. We thought we could get 5 kids in back and 1 in front, but we stuffed 14 in it, just like a telephone booth!!

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