Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Belated Resurrection Day

Happy Belated Easter to one and all! It's hard to believe that another celebration has come and gone! Will and I celebrated Easter with Juan and his family, Diego, and Veronica and her children. We all headed to Antigua to watch the processions like last year. We were grateful that there was cloud cover as last year we baked in the sun and there is not a bit of shade normally by the time they start the processions. I believe it was the first time Juan and his family had been to Antigua and they seemed to enjoy it. Last year we had gone to see the processions on Good Friday, this time on Thursday so there were different processions from other churches. The streets were swamped. But like all celebrations here and I suppose whereever there are people, there are vendors EVERYWHERE! You would think every vendor from china had made their way to Antigua! All the stuff that you don't want your kids to see because it becomes a battle to keep it about the celebration of the Resurreciton of Jesus and not about toys and trinkets. Will and I attended the night time mass at San Lucas....a beautiful mass. We all had our customary candles lit and midway during the service the lights went on and people came out to adorn the altar and the church with beautiful lillies and other flower arrangements as part of the dawning of a new day. That was Saturday, Sunday was a quiet and reflective day. We had our chapel dedication on Easter Monday. Father Greg and about 4 other priests came and held a mass. We had our children and their mothers here along with the construction crew and their families. About 40 or 50 people total. We had a reception afterward and all in all it was a day of celebration with our community. I was glad for the opportunity to show the mothers how we teach the children with the props from Godly Play. They were able to see from the baptism of Jesus through his resurrection all the little figurines that we had glady received from a church in Connecticut! It really helps to seal the lessons in the children when they can see something tangible. We want to thank all of you that donated in helping us construct this Chapel of Peace. We thank Fr. Dave for helping us with the sign and hanging other things before the dedication. We miss you all and wish that you could have been here......

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