Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boys will be Boys

This is our class time at the cistern: Diego, me and kiddos! The next pic is Will and some of my little ones after picking our sunflowers. For Valentines Day, our lesson was about Mr. Lovebug and his lack of love for his classmates. I surprised the kids with their own puppet. Will took the boys on an ATV ride. The boys love the machines...anything that makes LOTS of noise :)

This is a pic of my caballeritos (little gentlemen). They were on the letter "B" and we made masks. The next one is reading time with Guillermo (William in Spanish). The kids enjoy reading with Will and he quizes them on colors or the names of different things on the pages which seconds as a Spanish lesson for Will!

As I said, boys will be boys! Here is our guardian Juan, the lenadore (treecutter) also Juan, our two visiting college friends Peter and Alex and the little guys. Juan fell a huge pine tree that was threatening to land on the big workshop and the house where Veronica and her kids live. Lots of noise that day. Treecutting in the back and power-washing old brick patios with years of moss in the front. I couldn't hold the boys attention with all that racket!

This last picture is of a stove (plancha) that we put in for one of the boy's families. Will happened to be picking the kids up and noticed that their stove was actually half a burn barrell with a fire inside. The walls were black with soot and this becomes respiratory problems sooner or later. This is a picture of a typical stove that most families have here. No one can afford a stove or the electricity to run it. So this is what they cook on and heat their homes with. The wood is loaded on the left side.

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