Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Need Water!

Yes, this just looks like a 5 gallon jug of water. But it's not. It's one of 3 jugs that Will and I brought up from one of the new springs that we have way down below the property. I mean 'wayyyyyyyyyy down' the property. We hiked in carrying the 3 empty jugs and hiked vertical to get them out. My neck and shoulder are sore from lugging them back to the ATV as we precariously drove them back up the windy terrain to the house. We ran out of water 3 days ago after a LOUD thunder and lightening storm. One of the lines broke and so we are all on a water ration. A water ration......ha, ha, ha. How ironic when we have 5 new springs gushing out of the mountain. I get nervous watching it thinking that it's all going to gush permanently out of the property and we will have to go to our neighbor below and ask him to borrow some back. I was half-tempted to bring a bar of soap and do a little shower under one of those gushers. Now, I'm wishing I had. Josh and Allison, the medical students and future P.A.'s are pictured above. They have joined us for a month, helping us out here with the children and volunteering with Dr. Tun at the clinic in San Lucas. Last night, Josh heard the rain begin and so he left the dinner table and ran to take a quick shower outside while the rain was pouring in torrents. Unfortunately, it stopped after 5 minutes or so but not before he got the rest of the shampoo out of his hair. We are all going to do dreadlocks here pretty soon. Thank goodness for baseball caps. Water is such a precious commodity. Here or anywhere, and you don't know how much you need it until you can't get ahold of it readily. We've had to jump into the pool for our bath.....nice.

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