Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Perspective

Day 5 of no running water....emphasis on 'running'. As you can see there is no shortage of water around us. This view says it all. But it's just not finding it's way into the houses. Workers and Will have been at this since it happened and still trying to find out where the malfunction is. Starting out this morning as Will and I are discussing the hope of finding the problem, Will gave me a little bit of wise advise..."Consider this a type of fasting." How true, I'm grateful for his insight. Taking something that you need but turning it into a luxury which becomes a 'necessity' and then a right. Just like food. But with us it's running water. The water is there but we have to get off our duffs and go get it. The Mayans and I would gather to say the majority of the third world (which Will and I have come to understand is actually the majority world) still have to go and obtain their water elsewhere other than their homes and lug it back on their heads or in their arms. Welcome to another reality, Diane. So, this morning I was craving to be clean, shampoo and all. So.......I got off my 'duff,' onto the ATV, drove down the mountain to the where our springs are, hiked into woods with shampoo, towel and razor, climbed UP into a cavern with one of the running springs coming out of a hole on the side of the hill and had my shower! I LOVED IT! What a carthartic moment! Yes, we have water, all the water we and the rest of Guatemala can use and all I had to do was access it. Lesson learned. And God confirmed all this with today's daily scripture reading of the Israelites grumbling at God and Moses for bringing them out into the desert without food and water...which ofcourse makes no sense since they lived 'without food and water' for 40 years. So, take the situation in front of me and do with it what I can......just too bad about all those razor knicks :)

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molly said...

Dianne!! we miiisss yyooouuu!! I love reading your posts, and I am dying to hear an update. Were you able to fix the water problem?? We think and pray for you often. I miss you and Will and the kids so much it hurts. please keep updating us! much love to you!