Monday, August 31, 2009

The Women's Club

Will and I started back up again with our spanish lessons. According to our teacher we didn't lose much after 3 weeks back in the U.S. es un milagro (it's a miracle). I had Josefina (Pedro's wife), Samuel (new baby), Piedad (her sister and our new House Mother) and Michelle (her daughter) over for some "women time"! It was great. Oh, Piedad wanted to learn how to use my sewing machine and the rest showed up. So I gave her a lesson on winding and threading the machine and then helped her to sew her new 'falda' (Mayan skirt), which is just a wrap around skirt with a belt. They were in awe (no kidding). I gave them some needles to help them with beading and I gave Piedad a simple thimble which was a new and strange thing for them. Everything I own is new and strange for them and it's a kick in the pants for me to explain it all. The ladies will be making things for me to bring back to sell to some of you. They are excited about that and so am I. I'm grateful to share my life with them!

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