Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for Fiesta!

Beautiful day on Sunday. The sun was out, the lake sparkled, there were big billowy clouds...heaven sent. Marina celebrated her 13th birthday. She is Pedro's daughter, our guardian of the property. The family joined as well as 7 of her friends from school. The ages ranged from 9 to 15 yrs. old. Very different in our culture where normally the kids are the same age and siblings may be excluded. We had a blast! I wish I could have video taped the kids racing to dress in gringo clothes as one of their games. We all laughed so hard! I'm certain it was the first americanized birthday party for them all. We did have the traditional pinata. This thing was big, it took alot of candy. But when it busted (I made the final death blow) the kids descended like locusts on a green field. I love the family-oriented culture here. They enjoy being with one another. And there isn't this mentality of separation. I remember Pedro working to level the ground where we are finishing up a work shop. He had a large piece of wood and his kids were riding on the wood while he raked it across the ground. They work and play together and sometimes have fun doing it. We feel a part of their family now and this was brought home to us when Saturday night they made lots of tamales and brought it over for dinner to celebrate Marina's birthday. They told us that they were bringing tamales, which they had done in the past but we did not know that we would be included in their own family celebration. We are learning. We have a lot to learn. But we are trying to go slowly and thoughtfully. The party helped me to develop an idea of having a kid's club here at Opal House. I spent a good deal of time teaching Sunday School and VBS back home and I enjoyed it so much. And here, well my mind is jumping with ideas. I've never had so much space and possibilities with a ranch. I would have help with Marina and Michelle here and also their aunt Piedad (Mercy in English). As Will would say "the possibilities are endless". I felt so much joy yesterday with the children here, laughing and playing games that I thought wouldn't it be neat to have this once a week here? And who knows where it might take us?.......

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