Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Psalm 113"

After 17 years the Lord has fulfilled His promise to me! This was the Scripture given on September 24, 1990 and on December 22nd, 2007, the day we signed for the property, this was the Scripture in our daily devotional! God's promise has come full circle! "and I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the Lord wholeheartedly" (Deut. 1:36) is the Scripture on December 21st as we waited for the wiring of the money to deposit into the bank; the very last business day before the signing....We stand amazed at all that He has done for us. This has been an incredible year of doing what is possible (fund-raising, sharing our story...) and watching the Lord do for us what we knew we could not do without Him (raise $350,000 in 10 months)! On December 23rd we stood outside the house and gazed upon all the land, the guacamole trees, the incredible view of Lake Atitlan and just trembled inside. We understand that this is a great stewardship, but we so look forward to see those children and others who will become, what we hope, part of our family.
We have one family already living on the property. His name is Pedro. He and his wife Josephina have 5 children. We look forward to getting to know them. In the meantime, we are in the preparation stage. We had our first missionary couple and their 2 sons come and help us clean, clean, clean. They were a blessing. Thank you Darrell, Corrine, Ian and Tyler! They continued to make the house a home after we left. We hope as we get the word out that those who have skills like plumbing, tiling, painting etc., will come and share those gifts!
We would like to thank all of you who gave this past year of your time, talents and treasure. We know we could not have come to this place without you! Our hearts are full and we are humbled at all you have done.
May God be blessed with abundant fruit on His table. Fruit that remains................

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travelqueen said...

This is Corinne and I wanted to share with you our experiences while we were with the Boegels. We went with the idea that we could help and have family bonding time. We had fun and we had some opposition. We were there on our own after Will and Diane left for 2 days. Well we ran out of water so we were forced to improvise what we ate and where to find water. We shared a much to close space with a scorpion. eek. We ran out of electricity so there went the hot water when we had it. Then we had an earthquake. amidst all this we hope we were a help and we were blessed as well.
Just a thought to remember that we live in a spoiled world at times, and that when we are obedient to God we can receive alot even though its hard at times.