Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28,2007

"You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done. O Lord, what great works you do!" Psalm 92:4-5a

Buenos Dias!

Well we are heading back to Seattle after a two week stay here in Guatemala. It has been a busy two weeks. We have been in Panajachel to go over the housing and property one more time before December. We had a great time in one of our favorite hotels, Casa Del Mundo. We even enjoyed a ride in the back of a pickup truck with mayan ladies and a baby! Infact, we believe we have ridden every type of transportation available in Guatemala (including a chicken bus) with the exception of a horse or donkey.

The Lord, again, has carved a way through what may have been a crazy run-a-round trying to find lawyers to help us gain guardianship and incorporating in Guatemala. We came in on Wednesday and by Thursday evening we had two choices of lawyers (who work with their spouses on this type of project). Today we are signing the final paperwork! God is forever good to us. We always feel like sheep with an incredible Shepherd when we come here. He always opens the doors and networks us with the people and help that is needed to continue our journey.


Betsy said...

You make me want to do more for JESUS... I sent that article in the Seattle times to a church in Gig Harbor who helped when we started a 16 bedroom home in Tacoma for X-prisoners...

You are BLESSED!!!

Gary Waller said...

Diane, just looked over your site. I am excited about what you are doing. Ann and I have been involved in teaching pastors by extension in Venezuela and Columbia. I was in Guatamala about 4 years ago. What a beautiful country. We will be praying for you.

Gary Waller

Gary Waller said...

Hi Diane,
I was blessed to read of the good work you and your husband are doing. I am grateful that God has gifted you with such a great vision. Ann and I teach pastoral extension classes in Venezuela and Columbia, but we were in Guatamala about 4 years ago.

Gary Waller

drachael said...

Diane and Will: What an inspiration you both are to us and the rest of your family and friends. This endeavor on your part leaves us wanting to do more in our own community and also, helping you with this love project - all in the name of Jesus. God will continue to bless you richly as you continue in His marvelous work.
Love, Rachael and Mike

drachael said...

Diane and Will: We are so inspired by your endeavors in the name of the Lord. You both have set such high standards, but knowing you two, we can see that we are able to "join" with you in our own community to bring understanding and love to an area where there is little. Thank you so much for your words, thoughts and deeds, which will continue to uplift us and others. God certainly blessed us all with your friendship and love.
Much love, Rachael and Mike