Monday, February 17, 2014

Vamos a la PLAYA!

Weekend at the COAST!

I can't wait to tell you about my weekend in Sipacate with Jackelyn. It was a weekend I will never forget. It could not have been better. It was full of adventures, but also a weekend of peace. The trip to the coast is about three hours, but with the transportation takes about 4. We took a total of three chicken buses, and let me tell you, it was quite an adventure. The buses are insanely packed, and they all go so fast! But, I was less nervous this time, and I am getting used to this form of transportation. I am also getting used to being the only "gringa" or white girl...everywhere I go!! I just get lots of looks, and lots of compliments. It isn't too bad :-)  At times there wasn't even room to sit on the bus! But luckily, we made it safely there and back with no problems! 

The place we stayed at in Sipacate is called MarMaya. You have to take a lancha (boat) across this lagoon to get to it. It is a private hotel/beach that is RIGHT on the water. Literally our room was on the beach, and we could look out the window and see the view of the water. This place was paradise to me. To anyone that has been to Mexico or another place similar, this place would probably compare. But me on the other hand, I have not! So this place was very special for me to experience. It was not a crowded beach with lots of people, it was so peaceful and private. I felt so safe! I don't usually read, but this weekend I read 200 pages, and spent most of my time sitting in the sand by the water reading. It was incredibly hot, more than 90 degrees, but when you are close to the water with a breeze, it isn't too bad! 

The highlight of my weekend was Saturday night. Jackelyn and I were like celebrities at this hotel. Most of the people were older and rather overweight. So we stuck out a little. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant that is overlooking the water and outdoors. The food was amazing. After dinner there was music. Two men singing, and then a group of young girls dancing. Now, remember I love to dance? Well these girls were TERRIBLE in my opinion. I could not believe they were getting paid to dance at this restaurant!! They were only about 15 yrs old, and dancing in bikini's. Jackelyn also likes to dance so the whole time we wanted to get up and join in! Well, after they were all done around 10pm. We asked the man to continue to play good dancing music. AND...Jackelyn and I DANCED! Just the two of us, on the stage, in front of the whole restaurant! It took us awhile to gain the courage and confidence...but we did it!! She was a little more shy than I was....but everyone was smiling and clapping. We had the best time! I wish we had it on video! The next day everyone was greeting us and saying hello. 

Jackelyn and I decided we might have to go back another weekend before I leave. The hotel was only $70 for a night, and trust was worth every cent! 

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