Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tis' the Season for Weeding

I am enjoying this slower pace here at Opal House now that the children are out for their summer vacation. Seems strange thinking of all our friends back in the states struggling with the cold and snow. The difference in seasons here makes it difficult to sense that Christmas is around the corner since we have beautiful blue skies and warm weather during the day. Only one morning have I felt  that autumn scent in the air, then 'poof' it was gone. So during this break I have had the opportunity to don old scrubs and tackle some weeding and pruning (not that I really know much about pruning as you will see)....
This is one of the small gardens around the house, crazy huh? I'm not even sure where to start here. We've got bougainvillea, cactus, hibiscus, some kind of demonic prickly bush that is looking to take over the world.....I'm sure our little furry mice friends enjoy the easy access to the roof, thankfully we have 4 cats to keep them in check.
This used to be what we term "Mercy's Garden". This little garden was planted by Will and a young lady who came to live with us for a while at the beginning. Now, it's basically one very large
Poinsettia bush and mountain growth. The mountain is always trying to recoup it's space. I mean, it was here before we were, it has a right to try and overtake us and believe you me, it does. If we did not have our great hardworking men who, 6 days a week, help us take care of this land we would be inside the house engulfed in wild plants and the grass.  Speaking of grass, I've never seen HARDY grass like we have. Definitely not the stuff we have stateside. Another plant that wants worldwide domination.
 This plant, I have no idea what it is. I call it the dinosaur plant. It's leaves are huge and it's in most of our gardens. I just spent a morning with pruners cutting back 3 of them that were growing up over a sidewalk and creeping over to the other side. Their roots wrap around posts like they know they are going to be targeted for pruning, kind of a genetic survival technique. I'm sure there is some kind of children's arts and craft project where these may be handy....small boats, wings for a plane etc.,
I catch myself praying that God will send us a gardener. Will and Glen have done a good job in planting the new gardens but it's the other ones that have a mind of their own and have been neglected after the previous owner sold it. We've had guests who took a lot of this on when they came and gave of their time and energy. I'm grateful to each and every one. Gardening can be so meditative and at the same time challenging. I laugh to think that we had this small suburban garden in our home in Bothell and now we are stewards to 59 acres. Somewhat daunting.

Okay, so here is one side of the house that had some unruly bushes/trees. I thought I'll trim a little here and I'll trim a little there.....

And now....

not pretty huh? Obviously, I need to take some class. Now I'm trying to water and fertilize
so they may have a chance to resurrect. They are in "ICU". So, my point in all this is simply to say
IF there is ANYONE who needs some time away from home in order to tend to someone else's gardens well HERE WE ARE! But the faint-hearted need not apply....

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