Monday, November 26, 2012

And Here are Those Pictures.....

This is at the top of the stairs. On the left hand side of this pic, on the side where the small picket is, we will have a reading nook with a tree hanging over it, in the corner. Underneath the bench, we've created a 'cage' that will hold all our stuff animals. We will put a sign over it..."The Zoo".
Here is the front door! Beautiful and solid...not going to move during a earthquake, I imagine. I am grateful that our workers didn't fall from the second story, they said the school is pretty solid.
Hard to see, but these are the stairs - made of cedar and each one is very thick.
We built a wall of benches which hold the hospital mattresses that were donated. We are going to cover them with the colorful Mayan material. Underneath is lots and lots of storage.
Here is the bottom of the bench that will hold the stuffed animals!
Here is that tree that will hold wind chimes, bird's nests, and wooden birds! To debark this small tree took an incredible amount of patience. I told Will it would be easier if we just put our parrots on it, they could debark in minutes.
And this is the backside of the school. We'll have a small outdoor patio below this ledge but we are
going to have a firepit beyond that. Will is going to have some palms planted in this section of the school and Glen is going to construct an aviary for the parrots.....and speaking of parrots, this has nothing to do with the construction of the school but here is Amorita getting ready to rumba :)

and here on top of a wooden reindeer that I made for a craft fair that the women and I are going to have this Sunday:

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