Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Out There!

Looks like we will not have any pics with this post. Our computer had a melt down, we have a new system and it's not what it used to be....Anyway, happy belated Resurrection Day to all. We always enjoy the celebrations here because it is huge in Guate. The last couple of years we have visited Antigua and watched the large processions, this year we decided to celebrate in our neighborhood. We got up early Good Friday and I thought it was just to watch Ryan and Will help carry the "Anda" (float) from below Agua Escondida up to the church... Well, Will and I ended up in the front part of the float and we carried it a portion of the way through one of the small neighborhoods then UP the hill! And let me tell you, it IS HEAVY! I had my little, bitty light sweater as a pad on my shoulder and it hardly provided any relief. But it was something that helped me to meditate practically on the physical weight of the cross and 'bearing burdens'. Will and I felt part of the neighborhood, which being the only white people is very, very hard at times. We saw the children that we teach, their parents, people that Will has treated at the clinic, and it was really nice. Also part of their tradition is eating lots of sweetbread and drinking hot chocolate. We also felt compelled to partake of this custom. We enjoyed a very nice quiet weekend. We have been very busy up to this time with visitors, Healing the Children's first surgery team came and we were able to host them. We've had an college intern, Crystal, here with us for 3 months too. She was easily absorbed into our family! Thank you Crystal for your helping hands, wonderful cookies and love for us and the children here! We will miss you! We ended the week with a children's fiesta, but this time we had all 40 kids together....aaccckkk! Not sure we'll be doing that in the near future! Have to admit it was crazy but fun. It was Crystal's going away party and we all enjoyed it.......

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