Thursday, August 5, 2010

Character Lessons

Hard day this week. A couple of weeks ago when the kids were here for the sleep-over our phone disappeared then re-appeared when the kids returned. There is only one of the kids that is permitted in our house and so that and the guilty look that followed let us know that we had to have another talk with them. So, with the heart of a mother, I reminded them that taking things that didn't belong to them was wrong. One had been caught stuffing something into his hoodie before and so we had a group talk then. The kids come from one cul-de-sac and are all related to one another. So many cover up what the others are doing. I hate being the police. After that long talk the very next day one of the little ones also tried to stuff a toy into his pants and had his sister help him to cover it with his jacket, unfortunately for him I was right there when it happened. So with two of their relatives caught stealing they were asked to leave. This is the part of being a mom that is difficult for me. I had a heavy heart last night and recognize that this is all part of teaching them about love and respect. I have even tried to head off the stealing by giving them toys before I put the rest out so they have something to take home and play with. I understand that they don't have much so the temptation is always present. It was pretty interesting to see their faces when I was going over the ten commandments and we got to the 'do not rob' commandment. Eyes were darting here and there. It was so obvious that the missing phone was part of their non-verbal communication. But I have grown to love this family. They are the least in this neighborhood. Some of their parents are known thieves. So we have challenges. But I'm reminded of God's long-suffering love when it comes to my own growth or the growth of my own family........

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