Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our First Surgery Week In San Lucas

A medical group from Kansas City came to San Lucas for the first time bringing a container full of medical supplies including anesthesia machines! Oh how good God is to bless us with all that we need to provide surgery to those who need it! And the parish raised the funds to renovate the operating room, I hardly recognized it from when we first arrived here. The medical group was so kind and provided the space, equipment and anesthesiologist for our surgeries. Thank you, everyone of you! We hope to see you in the future :) From what I remembered, they were averaging about 15 surgeries a day! They worked hard and some days were very long. But they blessed those who couldn't have those surgeries otherwise. I have to admit that a bit of melancholy came over me when I first entered the operating room while a surgery was in progress. I perused the mayo stand and back table where 'my instruments' would be and had to really think hard to remember some of the instrument names. But, like riding a bike, it came back. I had the opportunity to assist a local Guatemalan doctor with some general surgery. I was so grateful. I hope with all my heart that I will have more opportunities to scrub, not only with Will, but other surgeons here and from the U.S. I so desire to keep up my skills. Now that we have 2 anesthesia machines, the Guatemalan surgeon from the capital said that he will bring someone to run the machine and I can assist! Answer to prayer.........

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Liz said...

How wonderful to be able to use your gifts as they are needed.

I'm curious: do you have internet access at Opal House, or do you go online when you go into San Lucas?

Thank you for sharing your story in your blog posts. May you know and be God's great love while recovering from the Tropical Storm.