Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Fall in Summer...."

It's different having the seasons reversed here. We wait so long for spring and summer to approach in Seattle and then find ourselves here during the rainy season. Not quite like Seattle rain, though. Monsoon is a better description. The other day, I expected to find Noah's ark resting next to the house. And we find ourselves being aware of the sides of the mountains as we drive back from the local towns. This land is familiar with landslides. We heard recently a towns closeby is experiencing a sink hole/landslide. That would block one of the ways we get to Panajachel, but what they are looking at is a river being created that will rush down the mountain and into other towns. I read this Scripture about a week ago and thought "how true"...
"When you walked at the head of your people, O God, and lived with them on their journey, the earth shook at Your Presence, and the skies poured forth their rain, alleluia. Psalm 67:8-9,20."
Will and I experienced them both, earthquake and heavy rains all in one day. The tremors have felt somewhat mild, but one 'caught my attention' at the dinner table. It rattled the windows and doors and we could see things move. But I remember the words: When you walked at the head of Your People, O God.....Alleluia.

We are settling in with our spanish many ways can you slaughter a language, let me count the ways. We are now fluent in Spanglish. I find myself moving in and out of both languages in my thoughts, but sometimes my brain says "Enough". And that is that. But I love it when I can actually put together a figure of speech or put certain words together to make our teacher laugh. Then, it's all worth it. I read this morning" that our actions have a tongue of their own; they have an eloquence of their own, even when the tongue is silent. For deeds prove the lover more than words". This brings me peace when I am anxious that I will only be able to have a somewhat fluent conversation with a 4 year old the rest of my days. But
I won't give up. And ofcourse, my actions can definitely overcome my babbling.

And so we preservere :) We are developing friendships with those around us poco a poco. We find our biggest challenge at the moment besides learning spanish is dealing with issues that have to do with renting the land to locals. We felt led to give a free year to those leasing the land for growing corn. But we find people cutting wood, clearing land that they have not been given permission to clear, and doing what has probably been the norm for a longer period of time than since we've been here. So I remind myself, the Lord reminds me and others remind me that it's not about the trees or the land but about the people. How will we respond to misunderstanding or simply others taking advantage of us? Isn't that the place where transformation takes place?And that is one of the reasons that we are here. To be changed. And God willing, for the better. The land and trees will remain long after we're gone from this earth and I don't want my life to be about stuff, but my relationship with God through others. May it be so.......

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